Pizza Party.

Pizza Party is a reference to the Wikileaks Podesta emails that are the source of the public investigation coined, #pizzagate.

The information connected to #pizzagate is very disturbing so I have decided to limit it here. Do your own research if you want to learn more, but beware of disinformation from those who want this to go away… Political and organized pedophilia in the entertainment industry is much more prolific than most people are aware of. Every investigation that reaches into the higher levels of establishment are closed before really getting started.

The main question one is left with when scratching the surface of pizzagate is, why is there no formal investigation?

Here is a good source for the open source investigation.

CBS- Pizza Gate… Fake News or Cover up?

Child pornography- Pentagon coverup

Political Pedophilia

Conspiracy of Silence- The Franklin Cover up

WARNING- Graphic  documentary

Sweet Dreams

Nordic Choice Hotels has supported the protection of child victims of human trafficking for several years.

In 2016 they renewed their collaboration with UNICEF, committing to increase their support to help even more child victims of human trafficking. The collaboration has been titled Sweet Dreams.