In case of emergency, break the system.

“In case of emergency, break the system” is a message to the people that they have to start thinking for themselves and be more critical of mass media, concentration of power and modern technology. It is a direct sequel to “Awakening” which stood directly across the street and was removed in July, 2016.

The goal of “Awakening” was to arouse people’s curiosity, and to prepare them for a sequel that was originally meant to stand with the baby. But since it’s removal, my plans changed and “In case of emergency, break the system” was made instead.

– There’s a bigger picture out there than just the superficial glossy-ness  we see on TV. I think most of us are deeply concerned about the world we leave to our children. Yet we let ourselves be manipulated by the capitalist consumer agenda,  which prefers that we spend time on mindless reality tv and hedonistic comforts. For me it is obvious that this behavior implies that we are sawing off the branch we all sit on. Our critical sense must be cultivated already in primary school. This is gravely important in developing a progressive and engaged society that responds to criticism from the grassroots.

– Compared to the US, Norway seems quite transparent, and although I found it reassuring when Erna Solberg (Norway’s current prime minister), recently took such a clear stand against Facebook’s censorship policy, we are still submissive to America’s errands.

… Where was Norway when the most famous whistleblower in recent times, Edward Snowden needed asylum? Why are we not taking a stronger stance against the CIA’s pressures on PST, to increase surveillance of the people in the name of “counter-terrorism”?

What you find when you scratch beneath the surface of bank-owned media groups, or beyond Google’s filters, is a reality that contradicts the world we are led to believe. There are obvious reasons why those who sit at the top, with power, want to censor the Internet and bring Wikileaks to silence – not because they are traitors, but because they expose the truth.