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This piece caused a bit of a reaction and was removed a few days after I got it up.

Of course I was expecting a reaction, and hoped it would help people reflect on the perceived terrorism narrative we are being presented. 2,5 – 6 trillion dollars (depending on how you calculate this), of military force has been pumped into the middle east since 2003… just to chase down what was originally a few terrorists. Some people are quite literally making a killing on these artificial wars. We need to wake up to the fact that this is, first and foremost, about making money on a perpetual war scenario, while at the same time keeping us frightened to win our acceptance of war, and force regime change and global surveillance.

In the same way we (Norway) were manipulated to partake in the fall of Gadaffi, we have been encouraged to believe that Assad is the boogeyman in Syria. One only needs to reflect on the lies that were told and the truths that surfaced after Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, etc, etc, to see the recurring patterns. To not question the mainstream narrative regarding Syria is to practice total ignorance and naivety!

Few people know about the on-site and independent reporting in Syria by bl.a. Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, the US peace council, Jan Oberg m.m, (see links) whose comprehensive investigations contradict the MSM’s narrative.

The question to start with here is, “why have main stream media almost completely ignored this perspective of the Syrian crisis?”

With all the confusion in Syria, to ignore this information seems very odd. What is going on here?

Jeffery Sachs explains the truth about Syria on MSM – Timber Sycamore

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Humans in liberated Aleppo


At an ever increasing rate, independent investigative media organizations the world over, are now exposing the dirty workings of Western Powers. A good example being the exposure of “The White Helmets”: A group portrayed as an unarmed, non-government group who are fiercely independent and committed to aiding the Syrian people! We now know that they were conceived and marketed by a company named “The Syria Campaign” based in New York and that they have been receiving over 50 million USD in support from 3 major NATO nations plus a variety of EU countries. The US state department and Norway’s, Jan Egeland have now admitted to the funding and through bl.a. leaked videos, the “White Helmets” have been exposed as the propaganda arm of the terrorist groups. Due to pressures from a variety of global research organizations and unprecedented public support, major media outlets like CNN were recently forced to admit the truth behind the staging of fake videos for propaganda purposes. Of course they tried their best to white wash it as a mistake in judgement, but his is hard to swallow when we see it happening again and again.

Who Are Syria’s White Helmets? “First Responders” for the US and NATO’s Al Nusra/Al Qaeda Forces?

UK Column News – White Helmets Nobel Failure Causes Universal Hysteria

Vijay Prashad: The Foreign Policy of the 1%

So what can we learn from this?

We learn that the big lies in the world are catching up with the big lairs. It usually takes years before their crimes are revealed (as in Libya, Iraq, Yemen etc, etc) but now, they are being caught in the act.

We are experiencing a world wide propaganda war and we need to be more critical to information than ever before. It is crucial for people to understand the difference between corporate media and independent, investigative journalism. Be aware that when ever you see a corporate media source going out of their way to call something “fake news”, put on your critical thinking hat and take a closer look at what it is they are trying to dis-credit.

Familiarize yourself with non-profit sources that dedicate their lives to investigative journalism like “WikiLeaks“, “Telesur“, “corbettreport.com” or “newsbud.com” which is run by ex-FBI translator and founder of National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, Sibel Edmonds.
And beware of the many websites out there trying to confuse and ruin real truth movements. Think critically.




As Thomas Jefferson put it simply and eloquently: An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy.

I chose to do “Enjoy the Real thing” near the university because it is our current students that will be our future leaders. Unlike most adults, open to accepting the emerging reality. It is them who will break the cycle and learn the tactics needed to lead us into an era of peace.


TFF at 30 – The Story and Perspective You Need from TFF & Oberg PhotoGraphics on Vimeo.

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