Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the room

On the 15th of March 2017, Professor Richard Falk presented to the United Nations, a report congruent with international law that concludes with overwhelming evidence and beyond a shadow of a doubt that Israel is practicing institutionalized and systematic racial domination over the people of Palestine…. Apartheid: Defined by international law as a crime against humanity, second only to genocide.

Enormous pressures from the US and Israel were immediately mounted against the UN Secretary General, demanding the report to be withdrawn. Rima Khalaf, head of ESCWA (the UN sub-division responsible for the study), refused to withdraw the report and was forced to resign only two days after it’s release!

The report has now been removed from the UN’s website but can be read here… https://www.docdroid.net/MmGsNrp/un-escwa-israel-apartheid-report.pdf.html

Or a concise summary of the report here… http://www.globalresearch.ca/why-the-un-branded-israel-an-apartheid-state/5580812

Blinded Erna Solberg

It can be difficult to define one’s own opinion in these times of political correctness. Even those we depend upon to be strong are reluctant to speak their mind in fear of being stamped “Anti-Semitic”.
But this is not about religious or racial labels. Millions of Jewish people all around the world oppose the Israeli conduct.
This is about removing the blindfold and seeing the difference between right and wrong; seeing the agenda for what it is and addressing the Elephant in the Room.

Apartheid was brought to it’s knees in South Africa through economic and cultural sanctions, the withdrawal of foreign investment, trade boycotts and the international condemnation of systematic racism.

With similar creative – and unconditionally non-violent means, the shameful apartheid regime in Israel will also be brought to its knees.

What we currently lack is courageous leadership.



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