2015 Ice Diamond - Top of Mount Ulriken, Bergen
2015 Ice Diamond - Top of Mount Ulriken, Bergen


On the 31st of May 2015, I received a storm warning from a friend questioning whether or not it might be wiser to postpone the mission. I convinced him that I would be finished before the storm hit Bergen that night and 2 hours later, myself and 3 accomplices, jumped on the last gondola and were atop Mount Ulriken by 21:07 hours.

Question everything but this statement- Bergen University. U.Pihlhus, Jan 2017

Question everything but this statement

To think critically about the world around you, is the most important thing you can do in this day and age. The information and propaganda war is in full swing and it is your responsibility as a citizen of humanity to demand the truth.

“Question everything but this statement” is a follow up to the controversial “Enjoy the real thing”, which was removed from U.Pihl Huset on the 4th January 2017.

Fall 2014 Danmarks plass- Bergen

Stolen Child